Service Partner LLC has been operating in the canning market under the KORAT trademark since 2014.
Service Partner LLC was included in the Unified Register Of residents of the Special Economic Zone Kaliningrad region (Certificate no. 15115 dated July 06, 2015). In 2017 it was put into operation own fish processing complex of RPC “KORAT”.

The complex includes:
Land plot with an area of 1.34 ha.
Production building with an area of 5365 sq. m., consisting of:
Administrative and household complex with an area of about 600 sq. m.
Refrigerator with a storage capacity of 2500 tons of raw materials at a temperature of-24gr. C.
Dry warehouses with a total area of 2000 sq. m.
Production and auxiliary premises with an area of 2100 sq. m.
Own treatment facilities.
Gas boiler room.
Own production laboratory.

The enterprise is equipped with modern technological lines for the production of canned fish with total volume of production is up to 4 million cans per month.
Production lines allow you to produce the following types of canned food:
blanched products from fillets / carcasses of tuna and squid, canned food of natural type, with the addition of oil, as well  tomato and vegetable groups in tin and aluminum Tins # 6 (250g net), # 5 (240g net), # 38 (185g net), # 3 (240g net), # 8 (350g net) and in tins like “Hansa” or “Club”.

In our company has developed and implemented the HASP system.
In the register of numbers of fish canning enterprises of the Russian Federation, LLC “Service Partner” FPC “KORAT” have registration number K 92 (date of registration 11.02.2016).
According to the results of the audit and inspection checks, our company was assigned the Euro number 37 Q, and the VPSS authority granted permission to export to the EU countries.
Fish processing complex it produces canned fish under own trademark “KORAT”.

All products produce on our factory passes strict quality control and meets the highest standards.